The Control Tower.

January 1987 – May 1988
Glendale, AZ

It seems that each day since I chose Thunderbird as my first choice for graduate school has brought another reason to be thankful that I chose it and it chose me.The Master of International Management was an ideal blend of international business courses, foreign language instruction, and area studies. A superficial look at the program suggested a blend of an MBA with an MA in International Relations that was equal parts studied and haphazard. In practice, though, the program equipped graduates with everything we needed to show up in any part of the world and create and build an international enterprise.

Thunderbird builds what Peter Drucker called “intrapreneurs” as much as it builds entrepreneurs, but lots of B-schools do that. The essence of Thunderbird is that it functions as the business equivalent of the U.S. Army’s John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School: an institution trains professionals to lead cross-cultural teams in a local language under the most challenging operational circumstances.

It was the perfect program for me then, and it continues to pay dividends today. Thank G-d for Thunderbird.

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