Visa Patrol

The PSB has their Visa Patrol on the prowl in my neighborhood. I’m just waiting for the knock on the door.

I would go and get our passports ready now, but that would only make them think we were tipped-off. And then they would wonder who we are. And then they would look deeper.

And to heck with that.

Facebook the Truth

Anyone who was there at the time will remember: Facebook had no appeal to Chinese early adopters.

Blaming the Great Firewall and its guardians for Facebook’s failure in China is like blaming the waves for the sinking of the Titanic. In the case of Facebook in China, the government was an accessory after the fact. Zuckerberg and company were the perps.

Chinese Competitive Drinking Tip: Fight on Your Ground

When you are set to go out drinking with Chinese businessmen, and there is a competitive tang in the air, here is a hint from someone who has done a bit of Power Drinking and has the liver ultrasounds to prove it:

Instead of giving yourself over to the three horsemen (Wu Liang Ye, Er Gou Tou, and Mao Tai), bring in two or more bottles of a spirit that you are accustomed to drinking. You may find yourself more resilient than your counterparts to liquor that is alien to them.

And, at the very least, good tequila hurts a lot less the next day than some Chinese moonshine that was distilled under possibly dodgy circumstances.