Pasta Turkey

Nothing like sitting down with the family around a warm Thanksgiving table and digging into generous helpings of takeout pizza and gnocchi.

Such is Thanksgiving in Beijing. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


I always felt that Marx was onto something in parts of Das Kapital, and faltered when he spun away from economics into demagogic screeds. By the time he got to The Capitalist Manifesto it was pretty clear he was on the hard stuff and he blew it completely.

In re: Propaganda

If any single man took the practice of public relations and turned it into a valuable and respectable craft, all while warning us of the dark side, it was Edward Bernays. The pursuit of flackery has been much twisted and maligned in eighty years, suggesting that now is the time to return to the original text and draw what insights we may as to where things went wrong, and how we might steer the business into the online, interactive future.