Sleeping Cabbie, Shanghai.

I’m not sure who was more ready to fall asleep. Me, after being awake for 25 hours straight and 15 hours flying across nine time zones, or my cabbie. There were a couple of points there, in the dark hurtling down the expressway at 90 kph, where I thought sure we were going to hit the wall.

I started making all kinds of little sounds to keep him awake. He finally gave in and asked for permission to smoke.

What the Hell, I thought. What’s more important, life, or breath?

I told him to light up, and I opened the window.

Happily Zoned-Out at Narita

There are long, involved arguments to be made in favor of non-stop flights. Dating from the years when such flights were rare, I have grown accustomed to the comforting rhythm of a stop in Tokyo between Los Angeles and Shanghai.

Somehow, it slows the trip just a little, and eases the stress of business travel. It’s also about $1,000 cheaper to fly business class on these hops than to take the express plane.