Catbird seat

China high-speed rail. Car 1. Seat 1F.

In this seat, all life becomes Harmonious.

Deep apologies to David Feng. He was riding in 1A across the aisle and I must confess to dozing off once or twice during our discussion. It had been a long day after a long trip.

I must remind myself to keep my Rail-borne socializing to a minimum. There is something far too soothing for me in the rhythm of the rails and the gentle rocking of the cars.


Train Munchies Arrested



Reflecting on work

In the Shanghai office. 


Spice is nice

Baker & Spice: where you go in a major Chinese city for better iced tea. And nicer tables at which to write in your Moleskines.


Why yes, thank you!


My favorite croissants in the world are those baked for Starbucks in China.

Maybe they’re really that good. Or maybe I just associate them with many happy moments.

So yes, I’ll take two. And a cold-brewed.

Happy morning!


Theft in progress

When you bring your entire team into a Starbucks in the morning, take up all the seats, don’t buy anything, and drive the other patrons away, you are committing theft from the proprietor as sure as you are if you are shoplifting.