The Return of the Canon

The library at Melk Abbey

I think elites abandoned the Western Canon in part because Mortimer Adler et. al. made it “middlebrow” during the mid-20th Century via the Great Books series.

That’s rather ironic, given that there is nothing middlebrow about Heroditus or Henry James.

I think now we’re coming full-circle, returning to the Canon, albeit with some interesting additions – more women, more “people of color.” I expect the Canon will grow, and that the intellectual fights going forward will be about what to add, not what to eliminate.

You know it’s bad…

…when I stop journaling. My rate of entries last month was about half of normal, not counting the fact that I didn’t do much “back-filling” (entries prior to May 2017.) Part of it is that the kid is out of school and we have my mother-in-law in town.

I am rapidly becoming my own tiger parent, over-programming myself in an effort to try and do everything. And, of course, I just can’t.

That’s the one balance I can’t seem to strike. But the first step toward solving a problem is admitting you have it, right?

Stepping back into the saddle…