Disneyland at Midnight 

We got to the camp at 9pm, along with a group of other parents. The gates were locked, so we had to work around them. We managed to do so without damaging any property. By the time the scouts were checked in and found their campsite, it was nearly 2300.

I was so wiped I could barely assemble a coherent sentence, and the twelve hours elapsed  since my last little repast wasn’t helping. I checked into the Anaheim Marriott at 10 minutes to midnight.

From a service standpoint, this was one of the best Marriotts in the chain, and the staff managed to smile and empathize me out of my stupor for long enough to order dinner before passing out. From the 19th floor a darkening California Adventure beckoned, but, bereft as I was of spouse, offspring, and annual pass, was not on the schedule for the morrow.

I contented myself with a glance out the window as I hummed the Tiki Room song and felt a goofy grin spread across my tired face.