Getting my Bearings 

A moment of quiet on the University of Chicago quad.

There is little that is more wonderful than fall on a college campus, especially when you no longer need to worry about grades, tuition, or a hangover.

I am going back to school, this time around for aught more than to learn for the joy of learning.

Great Burgers

As I chewed my way through an Angus Burger at Rockit in Chicago this evening, a truism occurred to me:

You can really tell a great patty from the merely good when you serve it well-done. A decent patty will offer good texture and the flavor of the grill. A great patty will give you both along with great flavor from the meat itself, even when on the edge of being over cooked.

Stunning Chicago 

Downtown Chicago and Lake Michigan share the horizon in this picture taken from the 10th floor of the University of Chicago Medicine Center for Care and Discovery.

The facility is a breathtaking testament to all that is good in America’s health care system, and a poignant reminder that in our effort to ensure care for all, we must take care not to toss out the baby with the bath water.

My buddy James gave me a thought-provoking tour. I’ve visited a host of medical centers, and what is remarkable about UChicago is that it offers all of the advantages of a massive healthcare city like Texas, Mass Gen, or UCLA, but none of the disadvantages that come with hugeness.

I dread the prospect of finding myself hospitalized, but I think I would be less concerned if I was in a place like this.

Especially on a beautiful Autumn day.