Coffee Mug of the Month: Six Degrees of Orcutt

One of the redeeming bits about business travel is that it affords the opportunity to discover places to perch. Finding a comfortable, cool little nook or cranny to work, to chat, to read, to write, or to just hang out are the secret joys of travel on the company dime.

I discovered Six Degrees Orcutt in search of breakfast and brew last year. Their overnight oats are superb, and their coffee even better, all in a tiny little line of stores in a village south of Santa Maria.

The Chimes of Santana

The hot winds are blowing out of the Northeast again today, driving January mid-day temperatures into the high 80s. But stepping out this morning to take the kid to the school bus was a delight. The sky was a faded pink, the breezes warm and pleasant. We drove to the bus stop with the windows down, and when we parked alongside the harbor, the wind chimes from half a dozen porches made for an unusually beguiling cacophony.

He turned to me and said, “okay, I love the Santanas now.”

I was so pleased that I didn’t bother to mention that six hours hence, when the temperature at his fire-scarred hilltop school approached triple-digits, he might hold a different opinion.

Bringing A Thousand Books into the Chinafornia Wolf

A little over a year ago I began a blog I called “The Thousand Books Project,” chronicling the project I had set myself to read 1,000 meaningful books in the next thirty-odd years (presuming, of course, that the Almighty allows me to live that long.”

Last week I realized that I could not sustain it as an independent blog – I’m simply not yet reading that quickly.

So, with your permission and indulgence, I am folding that blog into this one as a section or column.

Let me know if this all gets too literary.