What I did on my vacation – Updated

I had a week off. So I:

  1. Packed my family off to China
  2. Had a meeting with the leadership of the Council
  3. Went to synagogue for the first time since Yom Tov
  4. Cleaned the office
  5. Organized a sea scout ship
  6. Took seven BSA leadership courses
  7. Went trap shooting for the first time
  8. Cooked for myself three times
  9. Went pistol shooting
  10. Stripped and cleaned my pistol
  11. Went shopping for trailers for the troop
  12. Arranged to have my boat hauled
  13. Arranged to have my boat’s name actually painted on the thing
  14. Ordered covers for the boat
  15. Cleared out the old covers
  16. Prepped the boat for drydock
  17. Repaired the windlass cover.
  18. Started a white paper.
  19. Slept a lot
  20. Ate well. Perhaps too well.