Protein Load

How to balance a carb-heavy lunch?

A lot of egg whites and extra-lean ground beef for dinner.


An Aria in Blue

The one upside to the slightly premature end of the Dodgers’ remarkable season – a season which brought them their second National League pennant in a row, lest we forget – is that in bowing out when they did, they denied the Red Sox the opportunity to win at home.

A small consolation, perhaps, but a worthy one.

Congratulations to the Red Sox.

As for my Dodgers, we have been here before. Wait till next year!

What do I miss?

I miss toast.

Saying that, I know that I enjoy the smell of fresh bread toasting, and the associated anticipation, more that I enjoy than actually eating toast.

Because when you think about it, the taste of toast is the lesser half of the whole experience. The tongue is pleased by the shmear, not the hot, dry bread.

I promise to continue to tell myself this, especially as I walk past the bakery on my way to breakfast tomorrow.

Being as Good as I Can

Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse, Heathrow. The breakfast smells incredible, and I didn’t have dinner last night.

But I am declining, even the croissants, saving my calories for the Kosher Kedassia meals on the flight. There will be foods on my tray that are not on my training program, so I need to choose my sins.

But boy, am I hungry. The temptation to partake is extreme.