Cheat Meal of the Month (Sort of)

So for my first cheat meal since beginning my training program at the beginning of August, I was going to have this box of sliders and order of baked fries.

Well, I could only manage to eat four of the sliders, and after one french fry¬† I realized that something had happened to my appetite since starting on this journey: I didn’t much like french fries anymore.

So The Kid got two sliders and the fries, and I am perfectly happy going right back to my nutrition program.

Next cheat meal will be during my sabbatical three weeks hence, during my stopover in Portland, Oregon.

At the moment I am thinking about Pine Street Biscuits. Thoughts?

On Sabbatical Minus 25: Reuters Explains It For Me

Well, they have got nothing on Hadas Streit.The senior vice president at the global public relations firm Allison + Partners recently returned from a one-month paid sabbatical, awarded to staffers after only five years at the company. During that time, she rented a house in Cape Cod for a couple of weeks.Streit, who is based in New York, swears she did not check her work email once.

Source: In a tight labor market, companies bet big on five-year rewards | Reuters

So my colleauge Hadas Streit just finished her sabbatical and was featured in a Reuters article about our program.

Thirty-one days. No Email.

I am so ready. Like Hadas, I think this will be my first real time off in two decades.