Sabbatical Day 5: Adding Eiseley

The second (of two) volumes of the collected works of Loren Eiseley have arrived from the Library of America. These are both going into my list of A Thousand Books to Read Before I Die.

It is a pity to me that so many scientists who have seen fit to venture into the realm of philosophy have done so with deicide in mind from the outset. Eiseley approached science, the world, the universe all with a sense of curiousity, of wonder, and, ultimately, with an understanding of the limitations of both the scientific craft and the human ability to perceive the fullness of the universe.

I shall leave to others to rantings of anti-theists in lab coats, choosing instead to immerse myself in the musings of “the modern Thoreaus.”

Sabbatical Day 2-5: Garage

The last four days have been spent building steel shelving, going to my local Home Depot often enough to get to know the staff, cleaning out five years of accumulated junk in the garage, putting away all of our camping and sports gear, and shelving 2,500 books.

The good news: no email, no conference calls, and I didn’t have to go to CES in Las Vegas.

So even though I managed to get only a couple of things on my list taken care of, on the balance I’d have to say it was a pretty good week.