Sabbatical Day 6: Field Notes Geekout

I am a dedicated Moleskine fan, but I have started discovering uses for writing things down in different formats. My work journal is a traditional 8″ x 5″ hardcover Moleskine, in which I keep my bullet journal and make notes on an ongoing basis. But my Sabbatical notebooks have all been the 9-3/4 x 7-1/2 extra large cahiers, leaving more room for embellishment.

But sometimes you just want a little notebook for stuff to take along and use as reference, anything from a checklist to a series of reminders. And the memo-sized pads like the Moleskine memo cahier and the Field Notes are just the thing.

I like Field Notes because they are a bit cheeky as well as functional, and their covers are made of a material that holds up a bit better to day-to-day usage than the Moleskines.

This is important. I am gradually shifting off of a purely-digital system of recording and storage to something that is more of a hybrid: written on paper with digital backups. I am not sure if this is right, or if it will last – I have been trying to do everything in my life in pixels for three decades.

But for a range of reasons I won’t go into just yet, I am beginning to rediscover the virtues of longhand writing. and these little books will be a huge help as I use this sabbatical to aid with my transition.

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