Seeing Ghosts

Found this on my phone, taken the morning after the tragedy.

As we enter the Holiday season, please join me in extending heartfelt prayers for the souls of those lost, for their families and loved ones, and for everyone touched by this gut-wrenching catastrophe.

It haunts me still, it will probably haunt me all of my life.

Sea Scouts. On Land.

At their request, we took our Sea Scout ship camping at Lake Piru last weekend. In order to work themselves into a pre-kayaking sweat, the boatswain suggested a hike. Here we are near the end of our 4.7 mile trek through the September heat.

Needless to say, the Scouts were ready for lunch and some on-the-water time when they got back. A fantastic two days in the hills, and more proof that the BSA is just an unbelievable organization.