Brunch Between Calls

Huevos rancheros and a side of wheat, Ollo Malibu.


Anchor Games

Marking the rode on the anchor. Because you never know.


Good Morning!

First morning without the family. At least the weather’s nice.


He’s Packed

Winter Break, Day 0.

The kid packs like me. It begins with folding and good intentions, but it ends in a hastily tossed pile and tears.

Wondering if there is a canonical blessing for suitcase zippers…


Patch of the Month: John and Roy

I grew up watching Emergency! from age seven to fourteen, alternating throughout between a simple buff and wanting to be a firefighter. It seems I have chosen the former path, and as a part of that collect patches of fire departments that are relevant to me.

This shoulder patch, worn by the Los Angeles County Fire Department paramedics in the show, naturally belongs at the top of my collection, since it commemorates when my fascination with firefighting began.


Harbor Daybreak

Winter Morning, Channel Islands Harbor