Election Elixir

The bottle of Maker’s Mark had been sitting on the shelf for months, unopened, a testament to the fact that I can have good booze in the house and not feel compelled to indulge at the drop of a hat.

But after the president spoke tonight to his administration’s alternately pathetic and misguided response to COVID-19, I broke the wax seal, opened the bottle, and poured a shot over ice.

November cannot come soon enough. In the meantime, thank G-d for good bourbon.

Looking Like My Parents

I had to laugh at and share this shot, because in it I look like I textbook combination of my parents.

While this provides some assurance that my family tree is as advertised, it is also a bit frightening: I look like my parents did when I was a teenager.

Ah, well: aging beats the alternative.

Define “lonely…”

The wife and kid have been in China for four days. I’ve been alone and on vacation the whole time.

After one day I was talking to myself. After three days I was talking to my wife’s stuffed animals.  At the end of four full days, they had personalities.

It was at that point I realized I needed human companionship, got dressed up, and spent the day hanging out at the club talking to real people. That, and a couple of Manhattans, brought me back.