Cold Kentucky Morning

Virtually working from the second floor of 111 West Main Street in La Grange, Kentucky today. It’s 25F, windy, and very light snow.

The sounds of the traffic are comforting, and CSX manages to send a train right down the middle of Main Street every hour or so.

It’s a small town, but only an adrenalin junkie would dare call this place “boring.”


Alongside the Main Line

Virtually working from the Amtrak station at La Plata, Missouri this morning.

Sending love and prayers to the Amtrak passengers and crew affected by the derailment in Washington state, and to their families.

UPDATE: If I had a nickel for every UPS piggyback I saw go by on a train today, I could take a week’s vacation in New York. Clearly, ’tis the season for UPS shareholders.