What I did on my vacation

I had a week off. So I:

  1. Packed my family off to China
  2. Had a meeting with the leadership of the Council
  3. Went to synagogue for the first time since Yom Tov
  4. Cleaned the office
  5. Organized a sea scout sip
  6. Took seven BSA leadership courses
  7. Went trap shooting for the first time
  8. Cooked for myself three times
  9. Went pistol shooting
  10. Stripped and cleanded my pistol
  11. Went shopping for trailers for the troop
  12. Arranged to have my boat hauled
  13. Arranged to have my boat’s name actually painted on the thing,
  14. Ordered covers for the boat
  15. Cleared out the old covers
  16. Prepped the boat for drydock
  17. Repaired the windlass cover.
  18. Started a white paper.
  19. Slept a lot
  20. Ate WELL.



The Chimes of Santana

The hot winds are blowing out of the Northeast again today, driving January mid-day temperatures into the high 80s. But stepping out this morning to take the kid to the school bus was a delight. The sky was a faded pink, the breezes warm and pleasant. We drove to the bus stop with the windows down, and when we parked alongside the harbor, the wind chimes from half a dozen porches made for an unusually beguiling cacophony.

He turned to me and said, “okay, I love the Santanas now.”

I was so pleased that I didn’t bother to mention that six hours hence, when the temperature at his fire-scarred hilltop school approached triple-digits, he might hold a different opinion.


The Sigfried and Roy Pose

After all. Vegas.



Aaron at school, getting his mind around the devastation.




We will rebuild.

Even better than before.

Thanks and best wishes to the Ventura County Fire Department, the Los Angeles County Fire Department, CalFire, the thousands of firefighters who responded from ten states, and the crew from Lake Dillon, Colorado (WL-8) who walked every inch of the OVS grounds making sure that the fire was “cold out” in and around the campus.


Coffee Mug of the Month: Got Kicks?

As of this writing, we’ve taken Route 66 from Hesperia to Oklahoma City.

Looking forward to taking the Chicago – OKC portion, and then finishing by sticking to the original alignment as far as we can go.


Movie Night

Image result for heptapod language

I watched  “Arrival” Found it enthralling.

It encourages me that it is still possible to make movies for people who think, and that it is also possible for those movies to earn back their production costs, especially after Denis Villeneuve’s follow-up sci-fi outing, Blade Runner 2049, was such a critical success and a commercial failure.

I didn’t see 2049 in theaters. You’ll understand why: my life since June has been a blur. But I will see it, and I will likely buy it in some form of video.