Save the potato

We have discovered that, in a pinch, you can use Instant mashed potatoes to make pretty decent latkes.

All it takes is a lot of oil (preferably canola) and the right seasoning.


Lunch, FL 280

We’re flying a little low to keep out of the worst of the Jet Stream turbulence.

The captain need not worry: it has been seven hours since a light breakfast. It’s going to take more than a few bumps to keep me from devouring this airborne spread of Kosher delights.

Waking my Appetite 

First meal of the day.



35,000 feet above St. George, Utah. 

Man, I am hungry.


Special Meals

One big upside of ordering Kosher meals: the little extra bit of TLC it affords me from the cabin crew on a long overwater flight.


Train Food

I’m overfed on China’s high-speed railroads only because I bring my own hamper of (Kosher) delectables.

That said, the attendants do spoil me on the non-meal amenities.

My suggestion to everyone: bring a sack lunch just in case.



When traveling, I always try to sample local cuisines, and I have yet to find a reason to exclude fast food from that maxim, provided that I can avoid pork, shellfish, and the mixing of dairy and meat. When in New York, I tried Shake Shack; in Tianjin, I enjoyed jian bing; in San Diego I developed a love for Mexican fast food, and in Los Angeles, the food trucks.

In Texas, we are offered Smash Burger, Whataburger, and Sonic. Yes, these choices are available elsewhere, but they’re difficult to find in California, so we sampled.

The results were not unsatisfying, but they did little to edify our diets or our spirits. If anything, I came away from this trip more convinced than ever that my long-term trajectory to a greater observance of Jewish dietary law was the right path – as much for my heart as for my soul.


Buffet Rebellion 

At some point in my May trip – surprisingly early – the charm of breakfast buffets wore off, as did the virtues of all hotel food.

So this trip, I brought seven meals in my suitcase, everything from noodles to tuna. They were the best seven meals of the entire trip, and probably the healthiest.

Overnight oats were a favorite. I’d take the cup upstairs to the VIP lounge at around 9pm, where they would give me just enough skim milk to steep the oats.  Left in the fridge overnight, it added an hour and cut 500 calories out of my days, and saved the company $20 each meal.

It was an epiphany, and it has changed the way I travel.