Being as Good as I Can

Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse, Heathrow. The breakfast smells incredible, and I didn’t have dinner last night.

But I am declining, even the croissants, saving my calories for the Kosher Kedassia meals on the flight. There will be foods on my tray that are not on my training program, so I need to choose my sins.

But boy, am I hungry. The temptation to partake is extreme.



Thanks to ANA and Emunah Caterers in Hawthorne, one of the happiest parts of my trans-Pacific trips is the onboard Kosher mid-flight snack during the 12 hour flight to Tokyo. I pull up a novel on the Kindle, wash hands, make the turkey sandwich, and bliss follows.

Lunch, FL 280

We’re flying a little low to keep out of the worst of the Jet Stream turbulence.

The captain need not worry: it has been seven hours since a light breakfast. It’s going to take more than a few bumps to keep me from devouring this airborne spread of Kosher delights.