Coffee Mug of the Month: Pie-eyed

The little pie shop with the obnoxious-sounding name is one of the reasons I go to Pasadena as often as I do. While there is no shortage of great eateries in town, it is tough to find a good savory pie just about anywhere on the North American continent. Pie Hole satisfies that craving with appropriate breakfast and lunch offerings, both hand pies and pot pies.

Oh, and the coffee is pretty damned good as well.

Coffee Mug of the Month: Steeley-Eyed Missile-Man Go-Juice

Perhaps it is a consequence of being a (late) Baby Boomer, but I will always have a very soft spot in my heart for NASA. The agency has had its troubles, and the initiative for space seems to have been taken from NASA by a nation that seems to have lost its appetite for space exploration. But Mars looms, and I reckon that the agency has one more blockbuster mission left in it.

Coffee Mug of the Month: The Cherry of Seattle

Not far from Pioneer Square in Seattle is the Cherry Street Coffee House, a hidden oasis of superb coffee and healthy eats.

Sure, there are plenty of little joints scattered around Seattle, but I keep finding myself going back to this one. Cherry Street also boasts one of those bohemian dining areas that beg you to sit down, pull out your laptop or your Moleskine, and start creating.

That it’s a block from my company’s Seattle office, a block from my preferred hotel, and a block from the LINK light rail line to Sea-Tac make it one of the best-located writer’s nooks on my list anywhere.

I think it’s time to cook up a reason for a deductible junket…

Coffee Mug of the Month: Sunshine and Saguaros

Apart from California, I’ve spent more time in Arizona than any other state. It was home for two years in my twenties, and I apparently left a part of me there, because I keep finding reasons – business and personal – to go back.

I still harbor a secret dream of buying a spread in Cave Creek with a Spanish-revival ranch house and settling down with rocks, lizards and books.

In the meantime, I have this mug.

Coffee Mug of the Month: Six Degrees of Orcutt

One of the redeeming bits about business travel is that it affords the opportunity to discover places to perch. Finding a comfortable, cool little nook or cranny to work, to chat, to read, to write, or to just hang out are the secret joys of travel on the company dime.

I discovered Six Degrees Orcutt in search of breakfast and brew last year. Their overnight oats are superb, and their coffee even better, all in a tiny little line of stores in a village south of Santa Maria.