Sleeping RJ

Very early morning at DFW waiting for my flight, and the little ERJ-175 waiting for me at the end of the jetway is just being nudged from her slumbers by the ground service team.

I do like these jets better than their little sisters. Something about the engines-under-wing configuration is comforting. And the seat configuration in the RJs is a bit less crowded since they’re usually 2/2 in economy and 1/2 in business.

Hoping for a smooth flight over the southern Rockies and the desert.

Snowy Sunset

Hunkering down for Friday night in my warm hotel room at the Newark Airport Marriott. The lower Manhattan skyline makes up part of the background in my view of this deeply frozen landscape.

The airport is filled with people trying to get out of town in the wake of the storm the blew through here Thursday. Me, I’m exhausted, and I’m going to have a quiet evening and a good night’s sleep, a lazy day tomorrow, then crawl into my seat on a flight home to the West Coast at 10pm tomorrow night.

The first week of the year has been crazy, and I expect the next few weeks to be little different. My current hope: that February will be the slowes, quietest month for the past year (because of Chinese New Year on the 16th) and I’ll be able to get some meaningful work done.

Summer Dawn, North Pacific 

Not quite the longest day of the year, but close. The overnight flight had less than four hours of darkness, and sunrise came on slowly, the brightness ahead adding gradual definition to the cloud cover below.

This is my favorite moment of the trip. Enjoy a beautiful dawn, with home only four or five hours away, a Kosher breakfast warming in the galley, and nothing to do but enjoy Creation.


Happily Zoned-Out at Narita

There are long, involved arguments to be made in favor of non-stop flights. Dating from the years when such flights were rare, I have grown accustomed to the comforting rhythm of a stop in Tokyo between Los Angeles and Shanghai.

Somehow, it slows the trip just a little, and eases the stress of business travel. It’s also about $1,000 cheaper to fly business class on these hops than to take the express plane.

Aluminum Ornithology

As a plane geek, I love living near Pt. Mugu NAWS. There’s always something interesting flying around. 

The past week has been exemplary: a Marine Corps OV-22 Osprey, an Air Force E-3 Sentry AWACS, and a Coast Guard HC-130J joined the usual cast of Navy F/A-18 Hornets, E-2 Hawkeyes, Coast Guard HH-65 Dolphins, and Air National Guard C-130Js.