Back to My Happy Place

Car 33o, Room A, aboard the Southwest Chief.

You can have your beaches. You can have your spas. My idea of total relaxation and rejuvenation is a weekend – or a week – in a private sleeper aboard a long-distance train across America.

Amtrak is my happy place.

Early Rat

Warming up on the calf-raises at 6:30am. Started a year ago at 35 lbs, up to 85 lbs.

Why the locomotive on my workout clothes?┬áBecause it’s my train-ing shirt, of course!

#traingeek #foamer #ferroequinologist

Virtual Workplace: Back in Ashland

Today the Electronic Nomad is working form a perch above the Ashland Meat Company @ Cross Brothers Grocery. I have a brilliant view of the tracks along Railroad Avenue. My eyes and ears enjoy the sounds of each passing Amtrak and CSX train, and my stomach growls as I think about the sandwiches they are fixing downstairs, and the Baltimore & Ohio Roast Chicken they’re cooking across the street at the Iron Horse Restaurant.

The next time you’re tooling down I-95 between DC and Richmond, get off at Exit 92, head west to Railroad Avenue, turn left and park. Have a meal. Spend a few hours here. Spend a day. I guarantee you will be glad you did.