Pocket Gopher

In the topor of the afternoon, Mr. Gopher pops by, inviting himself to tea.

Our conversation is interrupted by the distant shriek from the osprey nest under the trestle, and Mr. Gopher decides that tea might be best taken underground. Without so much as a “good afternoon” he leaves us. 

I reach for my coffee, toast the now-deserted tunnel entrance, and marvel aloud how Camping turns “pests” into “wildlife.” Somewhere, John Muir, Edward Abbey, and perhaps even the Almighty himself may be nodding in agreement.


America, the cloudless

The late night flight United from Newark to Los Angeles was magnificent. There was nary a cloud from takeoff all the way across the country and just a few broken coastal high clouds over San Bernardino. Beyond that, America was in full evening wear, one sparkling galaxy of lights after another all across the country.

I don’t think I’ve ever had a flight where I could see the ground the whole way across the country. What an unexpected delight!

Flying is never an unbound joy, but last night it was a pleasure.

Big Breakfast

Note to self:

Next time, before ordering a breakfast, check the calorie counts FIRST.

This California Omelette at Chicago’s Yolk tipped the charts at 2,000 calories, which I didn’t realize until later. Good thing I walked five miles today.

I’m looking forward to returning to the land of lower-calorie, lower fat breakfasts.