Coffee Mug of the Month: Road Buddy

The thrill of the refill. Twenty-four ounces of Scoutmaster juice.

This one is for Love’s Truck Stops. I’ve got another for Pilot and Flying J, ready to head cross-country again.



My San Diego Happy Place

There is something about Liberty Station that combines everything I love about San Diego. It’s peopled but not overpopulated. History is thick on the ground and in the air. The food and beverages are superb. And it is a delightful melange of military, the arts, retail, entertainment, work, play, outdoors and indoors.

And, of course, jet noise, an integral part of living in a city with a busy civilian airport and two of the Navy’s most important airfields anywhere. It’s the Sound of Freedom.

I could easily spend a week here. Perhaps I will.


First World Problem of the Day

Hotel room under the departure path at Lindbergh Field…$266

Dominos dinner delivered after a hungry day…$34

Watching myself eat my salad with my hands because neither the hotel nor Dominos had cutlery…PRICELESS

Note to self: always carry a spork, preferably the titanium one.



I have been a happy passenger of All Nippon Airlines for two decades. They are my exclusive carrier for my transpacific commute.

Yesterday I received this little token from the ANA folks.

Safe, comfortable, friendly, and thoughtful: that’s why I fly with them.


Red Eyes

I’m done with picking redeye flights for the sake of saving a few dollars. The circadian disruption is just brutal, leaving me with jet lag even when I’m flying from LA to Seattle.


Coffee Mug of the Month: Six Degrees of Orcutt

One of the redeeming bits about business travel is that it affords the opportunity to discover places to perch. Finding a comfortable, cool little nook or cranny to work, to chat, to read, to write, or to just hang out are the secret joys of travel on the company dime.

I discovered Six Degrees Orcutt in search of breakfast and brew last year. Their overnight oats are superb, and their coffee even better, all in a tiny little line of stores in a village south of Santa Maria.