Being as Good as I Can

Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse, Heathrow. The breakfast smells incredible, and I didn’t have dinner last night.

But I am declining, even the croissants, saving my calories for the Kosher Kedassia meals on the flight. There will be foods on my tray that are not on my training program, so I need to choose my sins.

But boy, am I hungry. The temptation to partake is extreme.


London Wake-Up

Good morning from Costa Coffee in King’s Cross.

The imposing Victorian edifice across the street is the train station housing Platform 9-3/4 . (For you muggle/nomaj types, that’s the London terminus of the Hogwarts Express.)

The coffee in the foreground is an iced Americano. After a wholesome breakfast of oats, almond butter, and whey protein, my stomach is returning to normal.

Cheat Meal-ish

The dirty vodka martini at the Henrietta Bar was way off plan, the Balthazar salmon and lentils slightly less so, and the asparagus was spot on. In all, I kept to my macro nutrients and calories, but fats were a bit high on the day.

I woke in the middle of the night not feeling well for the first time since starting training. Was it jet lag? Was the food off? Was it the meal? Or was it the first alcoholic beverage in two months?

I am assuming all of the above. I am resolving to be done with the booze and sticking to plan. Clearly, my metabolism is changing, I think for the better.

I miss having a kitchen…

You don’t see this every day

Sitting down for a cocktail at a rooftop bar at Boat Quay in Singapore on Saturday night with some colleagues, I was treated to a front row seat at the rehearsal for Singapore’s national day celebrations. The fun began with this flyover of a CH-47 Chinook helicopter dragging an¬†immense¬†flag, all escorted by a couple of Apache helicopters.

What I didn’t catch in the photo was the high speed maneuvers by the fighter jets, followed by a supersonic flyby, then the salute of a half-dozen howitzers.

And yes, this was just the rehearsal.

It was a gorgeous night, and this was the capper.

Happy Birthday, Lion City.