I have PEK Hacked

90 minutes flat from my downtown Beijing hotel to the gate at Capital Airport. I’m chuffed.


Snowy Sunset

Hunkering down for Friday night in my warm hotel room at the Newark Airport Marriott. The lower Manhattan skyline makes up part of the background in my view of this deeply frozen landscape.

The airport is filled with people trying to get out of town in the wake of the storm the blew through here Thursday. Me, I’m exhausted, and I’m going to have a quiet evening and a good night’s sleep, a lazy day tomorrow, then crawl into my seat on a flight home to the West Coast at 10pm tomorrow night.

The first week of the year has been crazy, and I expect the next few weeks to be little different. My current hope: that February will be the slowes, quietest month for the past year (because of Chinese New Year on the 16th) and I’ll be able to get some meaningful work done.

Alongside the Main Line

Virtually working from the Amtrak station at La Plata, Missouri this morning.

Sending love and prayers to the Amtrak passengers and crew affected by the derailment in Washington state, and to their families.

UPDATE:ย If I had a nickel for every UPS piggyback I saw go by on a train today, I could take a week’s vacation in New York. Clearly, ’tisย the season for UPS shareholders.

Pause; refresh

Sits a tree-girt courtyard

From bustle-rush removed

Where cometh the creative

To plumb their artsy grooves


I come here in the Autumn

To savor Shanghai breeze

And fight the black stress monster

Whose claws my heart doth squeeze


While others talk of beaches

To fight fatigue’s harsh clutch

I tell them “save your money.

It doesn’t take that much.


“Turn off your cloying mobile

In the coutyard build a nest

Then buy a fresh-squeezed OJ

And let Autumn do the rest.”

Heading out

The next 24 hours: