The Expedition Begins

My pre-sabbatical phases is over. The countdown is done.

Now the real journey begins.


So long to all that

One last photo at 5:30am as I head out of the room for my flight home. It kills me to waste perfectly good food, but none of this is on my nutrition program. There are more carbs on this table than in my full day’s allocation.

Will Ferment in China Spill Over into America?

Shaoxing rice wine ferments peacefully in the vast sheds of the storied Longjing winery.

This is the Chateau Lafite-Rothschild of rice wine, in my humble but relatively experienced opinion. The vintage we had at lunch was smooth and perfect, very unlike the knockoff bilge-water poured down my throat years ago in Taiwan.

There is a future in America for huangjiu, provided these wonderful people bring the good stuff to the US and leave the local equivalent of Two-Buck Chuck at home.