Latin Phrase of the Day

Noli pati a scelestis opprimi.”

That’s the correct translation for “don’t let the bastards grind you down.”


Grande doppio

You don’t need a doppio espresso until you need one real bad.

I needed one real bad before my meetings in Shanghai this morning.


Happiness is a Citation

So I guess this would be double-happiness?

What a cool way to start off the year. Thanks, Dr. David Feng!



For some of us, hitting the snooze button is not an option.


Pause; refresh

Sits a tree-girt courtyard

From bustle-rush removed

Where cometh the creative

To plumb their artsy grooves


I come here in the Autumn

To savor Shanghai breeze

And fight the black stress monster

Whose claws my heart doth squeeze


While others talk of beaches

To fight fatigue’s harsh clutch

I tell them “save your money.

It doesn’t take that much.


“Turn off your cloying mobile

In the coutyard build a nest

Then buy a fresh-squeezed OJ

And let Autumn do the rest.”


Mojave Trail

A short stop 

Mojave Road

Spent all day

I could have

The ghost of

Kit Carson

To keep me 


Conf’rence calls


Just the hills

Sky and rocks

Me sampling