Looking Like My Parents

I had to laugh at and share this shot, because in it I look like I textbook combination of my parents.

While this provides some assurance that my family tree is as advertised, it is also a bit frightening: I look like my parents did when I was a teenager.

Ah, well: aging beats the alternative.

Morning Cheat, Vegas

So we saved our calories and fats for a day and then went to Eggslut in Las Vegas for breakfast the day before Xmas. The sandwiches were delightful, each handmade to order with care. Even with my shrunken stomach, one sandwich was not enough, so I ordered two, a Fairfax and an Egg Salad.

The Fairfax is the apotheosis of the egg sandwich, with the soft scrambled eggs smooth but not runny, the chives giving a savory boost, all of which in an ordinary sandwich would have made the slice of cheddar redundant. On the Fairfax, though, the cheese deepens the savor, and the siracha mayo comes in to finish each bite with a gentle kick. There is a LOT going on in this meatless wonder, and you will have to keep careful control of yourself to avoid gobbling the entire thing down in less than a minute.

The egg salad would not have been a normal morning choice for me, but I’m glad I tried it. Eggslut alters your idea of plain-old-egg-salad forever, mixing the chopped hard-boiled eggs in a honey-mustard aioli and chives, then laying it all on a bed of arugula before setting it lovingly on a warm brioche bun.

You can get an egg on a bun a lot of places, and you could make it at home for pennies. But the care and exquisite mix of flavors that go into Eggslut’s creations is a satisfying reminder that greatness in the kitchen comes not from the creation of elaborate delicacies, but from the art that turns a prosaic dish into culinary poetry.

Yes, it was a cheat meal, but it was so, so worth it.

Over-exercising and under-eating

This is how I know when I am not eating enough.

The thick black line on the chart is what I am supposed to eat each day on my maintenance program. This is a recipe for about a 1-2 lb weight loss. A year ago I’d have been delighted, but I am learning that the maintenance mindset is very different than the weight-loss mindset, and I’m still trying to figure it out.

Hauling my fat clothes to the thrift store

This is what happens when your body changes after decades of obesity.

  1. You go through all of your old clothes.
  2. You put everything that is so large that it is clown-like into trash bags.
  3. You fill the back of your truck with the clothes bags
  4. You take it to the Coalition Thrift Store in Ventura.
  5. And then you come home to discover you have nothing to wear.
  6. Honestly, I don’t even know what size I wear anymore.

Not complaining, mind you…