Kick-Back Stack

Sunny’s eyes just about came out of her head when the waitress at Kick Back Jack’s set these monster blueberry pancakes down in front of her.

My dear wife had her revenge, though: she made it through about 80% of this massive stack, then jumped back into the car and drove another four hours.

Never underestimate the ability of a thin person to make food just seem to disappear.

Sunny Outshining Even Wailana


I don’t post as many pictures of Sunny here as I would like (if I did, she’d likely kill me, as she has always been extraordinarily choosy about her pictures), but this remains one of my all time favorites.

Seated on the right, talking to some visitors to the Wailana booth at a trade show we were handling, she is just radiant. You know her feet hurt, but she rises above it.