Texas Sunrise

Dawn over East Texas after a wet and windy takeoff from DFW, westbound toward home on a United Express ERJ-175. I like these little jets, but they do ride rough-ish in weather.

Not REALLY Cheating

It’s been a long day with clients and journalists. I needed the protein. And I turned down a ton of carbs, but there is probably a half pound of brisket and a half pound of chicken on the table.

Lord help me, I love Texas.

Finally, a Good Hat that Fits

I have reached a certain age, I suppose, when I am starting to wear hats other than ball caps. My problem is that my head is somewhere around a size 8, so finding one that fits has proven impossible.

A good Stetson fur-felt hat has long been on my wish list. Fortunately, the Stetson-Resistol factory is in Garland, Texas, which is only about a half hour down the road from my sister-in-law’s place.

So after breakfast one morning while we were visiting, I dragged the whole family down to the Stetson factory, where they have a store onsite selling overstock, slightly irregulars, and the like. The young lady who helped me was able to locate, without much trouble, something that had evaded me for years: a size 8 fur-felt, in black.

I have a long head, and the fitters were able to steam and shape the hat so that lengthened and fit comfortably. I’m wearing the hat as I write this, “training” it to my head, ensuring that the hat holds its new shape, and gets even more comfortable over time.

It was more than a fortuitous happenstance – it was a wonderful experience, and to top it all off, the hat cost me about 1/3 of what it would have set me back at retail.

You can bet that on my next trip to the area, I’ll go back. It was, in truth, the only way to buy a good hat.