Preflight breakfast

I arrive at LAX for my flight to Shanghai fresh from the campout with the troop. I am drained and starving, and I am not on my normal flight, so my rhythm is off even before I step out into the airport.

The big downside of United 32 versus ANA 5 is that the former takes off several hours earlier, meaning that breakfast is in the lounge, or nowhere. Despite the very nice spread United lays out in their new LAX lounge, there was nothing there that matched my nutrition program and my Kosher-style sensibilities apart from some lovely ice water. So I tossed in a Quest bar and called it a meal.

I spent the first half of my adult life becoming more open minded about food. Alas, my physical and spiritual health have made me rather more high-maintenance that I would prefer. I find myself making an alarming number of special requests in restaurants and apologizing to friends, colleagues, travel agents, and servers.

It’s all andropausal OCD.

But I’ll own it.

America, the cloudless

The late night flight United from Newark to Los Angeles was magnificent. There was nary a cloud from takeoff all the way across the country and just a few broken coastal high clouds over San Bernardino. Beyond that, America was in full evening wear, one sparkling galaxy of lights after another all across the country.

I don’t think I’ve ever had a flight where I could see the ground the whole way across the country. What an unexpected delight!

Flying is never an unbound joy, but last night it was a pleasure.