For some of us, hitting the snooze button is not an option.


Movie Night

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I watched  “Arrival” Found it enthralling.

It encourages me that it is still possible to make movies for people who think, and that it is also possible for those movies to earn back their production costs, especially after Denis Villeneuve’s follow-up sci-fi outing, Blade Runner 2049, was such a critical success and a commercial failure.

I didn’t see 2049 in theaters. You’ll understand why: my life since June has been a blur. But I will see it, and I will likely buy it in some form of video.

Terrifying fact

Terrifying fact: If I stopped working right now and did not work another minute for the next nine weeks, I would STILL average 50 hours of work a week for the year.

As of now, I’m averaging 61 hours a week, the slowest week clocking 41 hours, the busiest coming in at 95 hours.