Whole Foods Arrives

First order from Whole Foods, and possibly our last.

It was all very high quality and the experience was wonderful, but selection was only fair and I found myself wondering if this was all just a tad too posh for us.

We are finding ourselves focused more and more on midrange stores for our shopping (Albertsons, Aldi, Ralph’s) with the increasingly frequent forays to Costco or Food4Less. As I shift to a less remunerative lifestyle, I expect more bulk buying, coupon clipping, and an end to delivery.

February SCRIBEdelivery

Speaking of notebooks, the February SCRIBEDELIVERY box just arrived. This month brought notebooks from Utah and pens from Tokyo.

I started out a “Moleskine or nothing” dude, but as I started to find more uses for notebooks I began to discover the value of being able to select from a wide variety of formats and manufacturers.

SCRIBEDELIVERY has introduced me to formats I would never have tried, and notebook makers I might never have heard of, like these softcovers from tiny-but-mighty Denik in Utah.

Next shipment coming in will be the opposite of Moleskine. I’ll share when it gets here.

Field Notes Unbox

My Chinese New Year gift to myself.

I continue to collect/stockpile notebooks, especially Field Notes, but each style has designated uses.

As some of you already know, I was an early convert from analog to digital note taking, and as early as 1984 I was keeping all of my notes on one application or another on my hard drive. But a series of catastrophic crashes and minor incidents of data loss or file misplacement has convinced me to return to analog form, or at least a hybrid of analog with digital archiving.

What I did not expect when I started my first tentative steps back to the handwritten world in 2006 was all of the other cognitive benefits that come with just writing stuff down.

I’ll be sharing some of the ways I use notebooks in the coming weeks. Some are proven, some more experimental, but each reminds me how underrated and versatile these simple tools have become.

Have a great weekend!

Morning Hydration

Daily pre-noon intake (mostly liquid): Left to Right

Overnight oats with protein, blueberries, and unsweet almond milk; Black Rifle coffee (10oz) in Geek cup; English Breakfast Tea (32 oz); water (64 oz); water with BCAAs and electroylytes (32oz).

By noon, solid foods are looking REALLY good.

Election Day Program

In honor of Election Day 2020, and as a means of keeping me grounded, I will spend the day posting about notebooks, pens, and the things I do with them.

Interspersed among those, I will be catching up on a range of other topics, none of which concern the election.

I promise to schedule the posts so they spread out over time and don’t become a blog storm for you.

Keep smiling!

On the Trail Again

It’s fire season, so I am avoiding all back-country camping for a few months. That said, we have Scouts and Scouters who need to break in backpack gear and get used to our packs.

So we took some of our Scouts out on a shakedown hike to Sycamore Falls in the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area. It was warm, a couple of our number did not bring enough water, and it was more strenuous wearing masks, but it was a lot of fun and a real confidence-builder for a Troop that has made car camping a habit over the last few years.

I can’t wait to head into the back country in a few months…

Stocking up.

During my fitness journey, @questnutrition for me has been more than just a source of nutrient-balanced meal-substitutes: they have been a source of inspiration, opening my mind to the possibility that food that was good for me actually could TASTE better than food that is bad for me.

This pioneering little company helped change my complex and often fraught relationship with food, and I am deeply grateful for that.